Pet Surrender

The Humane Society Serving Crawford County has an open door policy.   We realize that situations may arise in which a pet needs to be surrendered to the shelter.  Contact the shelter in advance to discuss your situation.  We may be able to help you to keep your pet, if at all possible.  Our staff is here to assist you in making the best decision for you and your pet.

 I can’t take care of my pet. Can the Humane Society help?
If you have found yourself in the position to give up a beloved pet due to life changes we can help! Please call us first to make an appointment to bring your pet to the shelter. We will have you fill out a surrender form that will give us information we need to find the best home for your pet. We do not charge to take surrendered pets but we do appreciate a donation because every dog and cat we take in costs us about $10.

If your pet is elderly or ill please take them to a veterinarian. By state law we CANNOT diagnose, treat, or prescribe for an ill or injured pet. We CANNOT euthanize an injured, ill, or elderly pet. It is YOUR responsibility to see your pet honorably through this last stage of life. 

If you have any vet records, bed, toys, collar or anything that will help your pet make a better transition into the new environment, those items would be appreciated.  Health and behavior habits of your pet are needed to insure that the pet can get placed in the correct new environment.