Volunteering Your Time is always appreciated and needed.  Give us a call, or stop in and talk to us.  Our goal at the Humane Society is to make our pets, which are our clients, as happy as possible.  It is also a great way to serve the community. You can help, even if you only have a few hours a week, sharing your time with us can make all the difference in the world for the pets left in our care.

NOTE:  Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  Teens from 14-15 years must have a parent or legal guardian volunteering with them al all times.  Any volunteer 16-18 years must have a parent or legal guardian's signature on the volunteer application.

What could you do?

1. Exercise and Socialize Pets
           This includes walking and playing with the dogs, playing with the cats and kittens

2. Groom Pets 
           This would be just basic grooming of all animals

3.  Kennel Work
           We have to cleaning shifts scheduled per day to clean, feed and care for the animals.This would include cleaning the dog kennels, cat cages, bowls, litter trays, and play yard.  This would also include having direct contact with the animals.

4.  Building Work

           This includes cleaning floors, walls, windows and doing laundry.  These are the areas that are not done by the kennel workers such as bathrooms, front offices, conference room, adoption room, garage, feed room and the medical room, they have the least contact with the animals.

5.  Adopters

           Special volunteers are trained to aid in adopting animals to the public.  This would require knowing the personality of each animal in order to place them in the proper homes.  It would also require an understanding of the shelter adoption and fostering policies and procedures.  Volunteers would also be trained in basic care of the animals such as general grooming.

6.  Front Office Work

           Volunteers will be needed to answer the phone and greet the public during the hours of shelter operation and to be able to give our basic information and answer general questions.

7.  Special Events & Fundraisers

           We have many fund raising events throughout the year and every week at the Bingo Hall.  Volunteers are needed to work and organize the individual events.  Volunteers can plan, set up, work the event and clean up.

8.  General Maintenance

           We are always looking for help with general building and equipment maintenance, witch includes helping with basic electrical, plumbing tasks and lawn care.