For many years the Humane Society has made available to the community a pet cremation service.  Lately we have had people tell us how thankful they were for this service and that we should do more to let the community know about the services we provide.

We understand that losing a pet is hard and that many times the remains and what to do with them after the pet passes is difficult. We have the ability to help you with your needs.

– If you want to use our service make sure to let your veterinarian know and call us before you take your pet to the veterinarian. We will make arrangements with you for payment and for pick-up service from your veterinarians office.

Cremation Cost

We can cremate your pet individually and return your pet’s remains to you.  We offer a variety of ways to memorialize your loving pet.  This service starts at $150 and is dependent on the weight of the pet and memorial container you choose.

If you simply need a way to safely and legally dispose of your pet without having the remains returned to you we can provide that service as well.  The fee for this starts at $75 and is also dependent on the weight of your pet.

If at any time you have questions about this service we provide, please feel free to call the shelter and our staff will gladly help you.